Medano coffee club


Our expertly selected coffee make it easy to explore and enjoy our top picks for every season. 


Month to Month

Discover new favorites every month with an ongoing subscription.

Never will you run out of coffee pods again! This simple, no risk, no hassle monthly subscription plan ensures that fresh supplies of your personally selected coffee pods arrives in your post box at the start of each month. You only pay for what we deliver every month and changing coffee types or re-scheduling delivery is … well just letting us know.



6 Months

Get free delivery on six-month prepaid subscription. Perfect for gifting.

Already love your Medano Coffee pods?

You can now discover real value with our 6 months subscriptions plans and continue to enjoy your personal favourites for as low as 58 cents per pod. Shipping is always free and coffee pods are shipped on the first Tuesday of the month.

 *deliveries are done either monthly or once every two months depending on plan selected.


Free Coffee Machine Bundle 

With only 1 year subscription you will get our own Medano coffee machine with your coffee delivered to your door! 


Absolutely, what’s the use of coffee pods without a coffee machine? Get your own Medano Coffee machine* absolutely FREE with a 12 months Medano Coffee subscription plan. 80 coffee pods are shipped every first Tuesday of the month and you will never miss ever miss your favourite cup of coffee again.

*Model of coffee machine may be subjected to change.



The 12% off Deal! 

New to coffee pods, love your Medano coffee but don’t drink too many cups a day?


This 12 months package is specially arranged for you. You will get a FREE Medano Coffee Pods machine together with 40 coffee pods per month delivered once every two months straight to your doorsteps. Just nice to suit your consumption needs and to keep the freshness of your coffee pods.

*Model of coffee machine may be subjected to change.

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monthly sub-09.png

The Enterprising Coffee Lover Plan

Adventurous, Passionate and a Coffee Lover.

We are very encouraged with our early successes. However, we are still very much a startup business and every startup business needs early customers like yourself to believe in us. Our reward plan reads so simple every new startup should be adopting this.